Publications and Awards

Short Fiction

Holy FamilyDay One, November 2015

Delivery BoyBaltimore Review, Spring 2013

An Extraordinary CaseWord Riot, February 2013

A Different LanguageHarpur Palate, Volume 5, Issue I, 2005

The Liver SpeaksNight Train, Issue III, 2004


Writing About Writing

Sophie’s Choice and Radical Acceptance, Ploughshares blog, May 2017

An Interview with Lauren Grodstein, Author of Our Short History, Dead Darlings, May 2017

Shirley Jackson, Madeleine L’Engle, and Motherhood, Ploughshares blog, April 2017

Mistresses, Written by Women, Ploughshares blog, March 2017

Ann Patchett’s Commonwealth Isn’t Just for Suburban Moms’ Book Clubs, Ploughshares blog, February 2017

The Ambiguous Epiphany, Ploughshares blog, January 2017

Christmas with Alice Munro, Ploughshares blog, December 2016

The Female Gaze and the Same Old Songs, Plougshares blog, November 2016

Fracking, Glove Making, and Elevator Inspection: Industry in Novels, Ploughshares blog, October 2016

Serial, Timelines, and Fiction, Ploughshares blog, September 2016

My Uncle’s Books, Ploughshares blog, July 2016

Time and Opening Chapters: Gaining Trust, Ploughshares blog, June 2016

When Parents Die: William Maxwell’s So Long, See You Tomorrow and Claire Messud’s The Woman Upstairs, Ploughshares blog, May 2016

The Art of the Sad Birthday, Ploughshares blog, March 2016 (also featured in LitHub Daily on April 1 and in their “Best of the Week” newsletter April 2.)

Clever Girl, Boyhood, and the Importance of Blank Spaces, Ploughshares blog, March 2016

Grace Paley’s “Wants”: Activism and Civic Involvement for Writers, Ploughshares blog, February 2016

Majestic Endings, Ploughshares blog, January 2016

The Trouble with Endings, Dead Darlings guest post, November 2015

Writing About Parenting

6 Sneaky but Scientific Ways to Help Kids Learn,, January 2015

10 New Year’s Resolutions From The Mind Of A 4-Year-Old, Mommyish, January 2015

You Don’t Have To Read Parenting Books To Be An Awesome Mom, Mommyish, December 2014

Questions My Kids Have Asked That I Have No Idea How To Answer, MommyishNovember 2014

Five Kids’ Books That Will Fix Adult Problems, MommyishOctober 2014

All The Things In My House That Someone Really Needs To Put Away, MommyishSeptember 2014

I Used To Judge The Boring Mom At The Pool. Now I Am One, MommyishAugust 2014


Sustainable Arts Foundation Award, Fall 2014

Massachusetts Cultural Council Fiction/Creative Nonfiction Fellowship, 2014

Artist-in-Residence, I-Park Foundation, East Haddam, Connecticut, 2010

The John Gardner Memorial Prize for Fiction, Harpur Palate, 2005

Firebox Fiction Contest, Second Prize, Night Train, 2004

University of Arizona Foundation Award, 2001